antara vitamin2 utk penghadaman yg sihat ialah….HerbLax..jom baca fakta dan testimoni bukan sahaja berkaitan Herb Lax: tetapi juga berkaitan kesihatan sistem penghadaman kita..(source:here)

Herb-lax is the most effective, gentle colon detox and cleanser on the market today. It contains 9 herbs and is recommended to take before going on your supplement program. so….herb-lax first, …which helps to pull the toxins and poisons out of your system. If you want to use as a laxative, use at night, and if your are looking for a body purifier,.… take with your meal.

The body has two main functions: Assimilation and Elimination. In order to assimilate properly the body should eliminate properly. If you take your automobile and put the finest gas and oil in it, then plug up the exhaust , … see how far you will go! Just how much benefit will you be able to receive from the finest products going into the car, if your auto cannot properly eliminate toxins and poisons which flow out from an inefficient exhaust?The human body works somewhat on the same principle. The colon for solids, kidneys for liquid, lungs for carbon dioxide, liver for detoxification , skin for perspiration. Many people who had not perspired for years reported perspiring after using Shaklee herbs and supplements.Herb -lax is not a laxative. It does not in any way force elimination as a laxative does,… when you are not ready. Herb-lax works as a laxative only if you need one. It is considered a normalizer. Only one of the herbs works in the colon. Herb-lax is not harmful in any way and is not habit forming. According to the FDA ruling, anything that works in the colon must be labeled as a laxative and carry a warning, and herb -lax does not drain the body of nutrients.

Every person’s needs are different, so its usage depends on the individual. Debris does build in the colon and toxins continue building up in the system from the foods we eat even if problems do not exist in the colon at the present time. Did you know that the standard American diet takes three full days to pass from the dinner table to bowel movement, and in countries whose food passage time is 24 hours or less the following diseases are extremely rare: cancer of colon and rectum, coronary heart disease, appendicitis, hemorrhoids, diverticulosis, and varicose veins.


Dave…….. PA.
My mother was always having problems with her bowels for years on end; to the point that it was a major concern. We started her on the herb-lax and after 10 years of discomfort, finally she was able to normalize her bowels. The doctor was very surprised at what had happened. He determined that the herbs actually went to work to strengthen and repair the sphincter muscle. Mom can finally lead a normal life.
Marilyn ……….AL
My entire life was troubled with discomfort, I would be bound up with stomach aches and uncomfortable. Because I was like this as a child, the doctor told me this was normal. Well I didn’t feel that being in pain, sluggish and uncomfortable was normal. I tried all kinds of laxatives and of course didn’t like the forceful urge,.. but at least I could finally eliminate.Finally I heard about Shaklee and started using herb-lax. I wish I would have known about it years ago. I will never be without this product, in fact I always order several at a time. It as it has changed my life and I am a much happier and energetic person now that I can get rid of all that sludge.
I thought that I was like everybody else. I didn’t know you were suppose eliminate your bowels daily. I was having stomach aches and headaches! Whether you want to believe this or not, it doesn’t matter. Here’s what I know! Once I started taking herb-lax I was eliminating daily, the headaches and stomach aches went away. Th
e way I look at it is that my body was polluted and I wasn’t getting rid of the pollution. I am one happy young lady!

In summary………..remember that your colon knows only to do one thing and that is to absorb. It does not know the difference between good nutrients and toxins , so it will keep reabsorbing good and bad. To avoid body pollution , keep your colon clean and healthy. Remember all disease starts in the colon. So lets keep things moving,…….. and in the end….. everything will come out fine!

Hmm… apa lagi..jom lah beli Herb Lax Shaklee..tak kenal..maka tak cinta..kan kan..lebih byk cerita HerbLax..baca disini.
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